Denmark – Top thousand blood warrior

As a leading bright name in Group H in the qualifying round, Denmark is expected to be crowned champion in the Euro 2024 finals in Germany. Whether the former Euro 1992 champion will continue to repeat his glorious history is what the audience is interested in right now. Xoilac TV invites you to enjoy some information about the team Denmark in this article.

Brief information about the Danish national football team


This team represents football Denmark in the international arena, under the management of the National Football Association (DBU). Home stadium of the football team Denmark is Parken Stadium in Østerbro district, Copenhagen. The team is run by head coach Kasper Hjulmand.

Official competition uniform of Denmark Red shirt with white sleeves, red socks and white pants. Currently, player Simon Kjær holds the position of captain. The player who has played the most for this national team to date is Peter Schmeichel with 129 matches. The two top scorers are Poul Nielsen and Jon Dahl Tomasson with 52 goals each.

Outstanding matches of the Danish team


In 1906, the men’s soccer team Denmark won a soccer gold medal at the Summer Olympics. They consecutively won silver medals at the 1908 and 1912 Olympics. Due to the ban on international players not being able to play for foreign teams, Denmark lost the right to participate in the FIFA World Cup until 1986. Before that, the country won the silver medal in men’s soccer at the 1960 Olympics.

In 1992, for the first and only time the team Denmark won the European Football Cup. They defeated defending champion Netherlands in the semi-finals and overcame Germany in the final. Three years later, the team continued to achieve success when they won the 1995 King Fahd Cup thanks to their victory over Argentina in the final.

During the World Cups, the best performance of Denmark was in the quarterfinals in 1998, losing 2 – 3 to Brazil. In addition, this country’s team also reached the round of 16 in 1986, 2002 and most recently 2018.

Owned Danish teams

Denmark famous for gender balance in sports. Besides the men’s senior A team, they also have a women’s national football team. Teams at different youth levels are available for boys and girls. Among them, the most famous is the U21 team Denmark.

In addition to youth teams and A-class teams, the country also has a special national team – Ligalandsholdet. This team was born in January 1983, specializing in unofficial matches and Nordic tournaments every year from 2005 to 2011. The media often calls Ligalandsholdet the B team of the national team. Denmark and also the best team.

Players playing for team A are often taken to play outside Denmark. Therefore, coaches often organize unofficial matches for team B. These matches are considered talent selection rounds for team A.

Strong fan team

Besides the team, Xoilac TV is known Denmark owns the most passionate cheerleaders in the world. These fans are often called “roligans”. This movement was born in the 80s of the last century with the purpose of protesting hooliganism. The team’s motto is calm, fun, support. In the language Denmark, “roligan” means calm.

This country’s fans are famous for their passionate support but are very approachable. They are considered one of the best national cheerleading teams in the world, alongside the Scottish Tartans. This team was awarded the FIFA Fair-play award at the 1984 European Championship Cup.


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